• 12/03/2020
  • 06/07/2020

General Flow

A process of traffic accident starts at an accident scene and ends when all the damages and losses are determined in a settlement. There are five steps until the case settles. We explain them in detail.

  • 07/09/2019
  • 31/10/2019

What to do when a car accident settlement fails

If you fail to settle with the other party, filing a suit is not the only way. There are some public organizations to help you out facilitate your settlement. We introduce two leading organizations that offer you free of charge consultation service. You can also find detail about conciliation and court.

  • 31/08/2019
  • 31/10/2019

Settling your car accident case in Japan

More than 90% of people settle car accident cases only between a victim and an at-fault party without going to conciliation or court. In this article, we explain when to start the settlement and how to proceed with it in detail.