Automobile Insurance

Let's understand how automobile insurances work in Japan. We have two main types: Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance (Jibaiseki) and Voluntary Automobile Insurance.

  • 24/04/2020
  • 29/08/2020

Jibaiseki claim documents

All the necessary documents when claiming compensation of Jibaiseki are shown in this page. Together with these necessary documents and the original receipt, claim compensation of Jibaiseki the perpetrator has.

  • 22/04/2020
  • 04/07/2020

General flow of claiming payout of CALI (Jibaiseki)

Insurance companies, traffic accident victims or at-fault parties can claim payout of CALI (Jibaiseki). Once you claim payout of CALI, GIROJ (General Insurance Rating Organization Japan) starts investigation on the situation of the traffic accident and the amount of damages the victim suffered.

  • 20/04/2020
  • 10/07/2020

Who can apply for the payout of CALI(Jibaiseki)?

Both victim and perpetrator can claim payout of CALI (Jibaiseki.) In most of the cases, perpetrator's voluntary insurance company claims payout of CALI, but you have other options.

  • 03/04/2020
  • 04/07/2020

Where to buy Jibaiseki

Jibaiseki is available to purchase in car dealers, automobile repair shops, automobile repair factories and insurance companies. The price and coverage don't depend on where you buy it.

  • 16/01/2020
  • 09/04/2020

Percentage of Negligence in CALI

The total amount of compensation depends on the Percentage of Negligence in a traffic accident. That means, if the car accident victim is 30% negligent in the accident, the amount of compensation he/she legally deserves will be 30% off to all the amount. However, when it comes to CALI's payout, a car accident victim can receive a total of the payout even if he/she is 30% negligent in the accident. In this article, we take a closer look at how the percentage of negligence works in CALI.

  • 02/01/2020
  • 09/04/2020

How insurance works when being a victim of a traffic accident

When you become a traffic accident victim, how does insurance work for getting compensation? If a perpetrator has voluntary insurance, you can likely get compensated entirely. However, what if the perpetrator is only with CALI?

  • 21/12/2019
  • 27/12/2019

Variety of voluntary insurances

More than 70% of Japanese people purchase voluntary insurance in addition to CALI. Voluntary insurance has three kinds: liability insurance, accident insurance, and motor vehicle insurance.