The Certificate of Jibaiseki

Purchasing Jibaiseki is mandatory for all the vehicle owners in Japan. Carrying Certificate of Jibaiseki all the time when driving is also mandatory.

The Certificate of Jibaiseki is issued immediately after you purchase Jibaiseki (Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance.)
The Certificate of Jibaiseki includes the following information:
・Vehicle registration number or vehicle identification number
・insurance period
・Address and name of the contractor
・Insurance Company Name
・Type of automobile
・Premium stamp

This is a sample copy of the Certificate of Jibaiseki.

Certificate of Jibaiseki

Keep the certificate carefully and carry it whenever you drive, because it is legally mandatory when driving vehicles. If you are without it when driving, you'll be imposed for the penalty of a fine which is less than JPY300,000. (Act on Securing Compensation for Automobile Accidents)