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They feel the mornin […]

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Kappa is a famous monster in Japan, like Oni and Tengu. It is believed to live in the sea or river. Its body is green, but it looks like a human in a way. It smells like fish. It has a dish-like object on its head, which is always wet, and it is believed if it turns dried, Kappa will dye. Kappa appears in many fairy tales or books. No one has ever seen it before. If you find people who like cucumbers, you can say, “You are like Kappa.” Or, if you see someone is good at swimming, you can say it, too.

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Japanese blue-collar clothing brand, WORKMAN

WORKMAN is a growing and unstoppable blue-collar clothing brand in Japan. However, the majority of their customers are white-collar workers because of its charm. Whoever you are, you will surely find totally new tools suiting with your own application at an extremely low price there.