Cost breakdown of CALI's payout for an injured victim

CALI's compensation when a victim was bodily injured

For bodily injured traffic accident victims, CALI pays JPY1,200,000 as maximum based on actual financial loss. If the total of monetary loss excess JPY1,200,000, the victim will get only JPY1,200,000. Following are cost items CALI compensates:


 Cost items Description Standard for compensation Documents to submit to insurance companies or GIROJ 
Medical Expenses Doctor’s fee, surgical fee, medication fee, treatment fee and hospitalization fee Necessary and reasonable cost

・Medical Certificate,

・Certificate of Medical Fee

・Receipts from hospitals

Nursing Fee

Nursing fee for the term of hospitalization (In a case where a victim is under the age of 12)

JPY4,200 per a day

・Doctor's Certificate to suggest  nursing is necessary for the victim

・Receipts or invoice  from an attendee

・If a close relative attends to the victim, his/her letter of approval is necessary  

Nursing fee at home or that for when commuting to hospitals (In a case where a doctor acknowledge the nursing is necessary, or a victim is under the age of 12)

Necessary and reasonable cost

・If an attendee is a close relative, JPY2,050 per a day

・The lost wage of a nursing attendee is also for compensation. The upper limit is JPY19,000 per a day.

Miscellaneous expense Miscellaneous expense while hospitalization JPY1,100 per a day Receipts only in a case where the expense excesses JPY1,100
Transportation fee Transportation fee for commuting to hospitals

Necessary and reasonable cost

・Description of Transportation fee of commuting to hospitals
・Receipts if using taxi
Cost for what supplements the body's functions Cost for Artificial limb, glasses, hearing aid, crutch and so on Necessary and reasonable cost (The upper limit for glasses is JPY50,000) Receipts
Lost wage CALI compensates for the decrease in income due to a traffic accident

JPY6,200 per a day only within a term of treatment

If a victim proves more amount of lost wages, the upper limit of compensation is JPY19,000 per a day.

・Certificate of Lost wages (In a case where a victim is an employee)

・The last year's Copy of Tax Return with a stamp of Tax Office (In a case where a victim is freelanser)

・Regidence card with the description of all the family members

Consolation money

Consolation money for physical or mental pain due to the traffic accident

JPY4,300 per a day for commuting to hospital or hospitalization