CALI's price and Shaken

When obtaining vehicles in Japan, you have two legal obligations: purchasing CALI (Jibaiseki in Japanese) and having Motor-vehicle Inspection (Shaken in Japanese) a twice year. If you don’t follow these duties, you will be imposed penalties, such as fines, or imprisonment. In this article, let’s take a closer look at the two duties and how they relate to each other.   

CALI's price

Purchasing CALI (jibaiseki) is legally mandatory for all of the vehicle owners in Japan according to the law of the Automobile Liability Security Act in Japan. If you don’t purchase it, you will be imposed under one-year imprisonment or fine under JPY500,000. The following is the CALI's price depending on the kinds of your car.

CALI's price in Japan (Unit: JPY)

Kinds of vehicle Contract period (month)
37  36 25 24 13 12
Regular passenger vehicle 36,780 35,950 26,680 25,830 16,380 15,520
Small motor truck - - 30,460 29,470 18,360 17,350
"Kei" passenger vehicle which is for "Shaken" 35,610 34,820 25,880 25,070 15,960 15,130
Regular truck of which maximum carring capacity is over 2t - - 53,890 51,990 30,660 28,720
Regular truck of which maximum carring capacity is under 2t - - 44,100 42,580 25,520 23,970
Motorcycle with over 250cc 14,950 14,690 11,780 11,520 8,560 8,290
Motorcycle with 125-250cc - 15,720 - 12,220 - 8,650
Motorized bycycle with under 125cc - 2,340 - 9,950 - 7,500
  • The price is for the contract made after April 1, 2017
  • The price is different in Okinawa pref. or some other areas.

Motor-vehicle inspection (Shaken)

In Japan, it’s also legally mandatory for all of the vehicle owners to pass Motor-vehicle Inspection (Shaken in Japanese) every two years. It’s also based on the law of the Road Transport Vehicle Act. If you skip the inspection, you will be imposed under 6 months imprisonment or fines under JPY300,000. Since shaken expires after two years, CALI (Jibaiseki) should be eligible for more than two years then.