I was at fault in a traffic accident, but I cannot get in touch with the victim.

I cannot get in touch with a traffic accident victim

Not only traffic accident victims are troubled by traffic accidents, but also at-fault parties are, especially when an at-fault party cannot get in touch with a victim. Sometimes traffic accident victims don't want to get in touch with at-fault drivers. The reason is various, but sometimes due to negative emotions to them. The victims might not answer the phone or not send the letter back to at-fault parties.

In this case, there is nothing to do for at-fault parties. Just waiting111111 is the right attitude. Not only victims but also at-fault parties are concerned with how things will go on in the case. If you are an at-fault party, you might want to get in touch with the victim. However, once you sense the victim doesn't want to keep in touch with you, stop contacting them so that your impression for the victim does not worsen more. Then what can you do?

The actions at-fault party should take

Just wait for the call from Jibaiseki. Even when a victim doesn't want to get in touch with an at-fault party, they want compensation. A victim will surely claim payout from Jibaiseki in most of the cases. Once Jibaiseki receives claims from them, Jibaiseki will get in touch with you, and you will know the details of the case, for example, who claims payout, when the claim is made, etc. 

When the victim finally contacts you, settle the case paying the compensation to the extent that it is verifiable enough, which has a causal relationship with the accident.  

In rare cases, after a considerable time has passed since the accident, the victim suddenly contacts the at-fault party and claim a large amount of compensation. In such cases, get the evidence and scrutinize it before paying the compensation.

In a case where the accident was by a bicycle

If the accident is triggered by a bicycle that cannot be with Jibaiseki (CALI), you have to pay compensation to your expenses.  

In this case, check if you have any applicable personal compensation insurance. There is insurance covering compensation for daily life. Such insurance is often attached to the insurance of rental properties. If you have one, contact the insurance company. If you don't have the one, it's better to wait for the claim from the victim. Or, sending a polite letter to the victim only once a month might be an option to see how things go on.