Statement of medical expenses

Hospitals issue a Statement of Medical Expenses.

A Statement of Medical Expenses is one of the most important documents in traffic accident cases. It includes your detailed treatment history and the kind of pharmaceuticals the doctor prescribes. It also contains medical fee points, which is used for calculation of medical expenses, and the specific medical expenses.

Insurance companies refer to the statement to pay medical expenses for car accident victims. GIROJ, which determines the compensation amount for residual disability, also refers to the statement to comprehend the victim's symptoms.

Here is the information the statement contains:

Name of Injury -
Duration of treatment Details of treatments and medicines  are described.
Detail of treatment Treatment detail and medicines 
Medical fee points Each treatment and medicine has points. Medical expenses are determined according to these points.  
Fee for issuing certificates If you ask a doctor to issue some certificates, fee for issuance is also described in the statement.
Medical expenses Each treatment and medicine has unit price. Medical expenses can be calculated by multiplying medical fee points with the unit price.